12" x 10" Armor Plates "SET"

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12" X 10" Armor plates "SET" 

"19 sets IN STOCK"

  NIJ LVL 3 rated plate

   Curved fronts and flat backs

    12” x 10” integrated shooters cut

    6” x 6” Side plates

    12.4 lb "per" front & back plates

    Locally line x’ed to stop fragmentation / spalling, 

    (Line-x does not stop 100% fragmentation/spalling)

    Also able to stop! 

    Two rounds of 30-06 in a 1 square inch and thirty three rounds of 5.56 in a 4"x4"

    More testing to come Green tips, 30-06AP and fragmentation / spalling

    All testing was done at 21 yards

Link on youtube to observe our testing: