05-15 Tacoma Rear Bumper

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Comes standard with 

~hidden hitch

~flip up tag

~recovery points are the mounting plates

~Factory tag lights are incompatible, After market tag lights are required. 



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    05-15 Tacoma Rear Bumper

    Posted by Brian on Apr 26th 2020

    I ordered the standard bumper, raw metal, w/o the swing out nor high clearance. Picked up the bumper at the local Fastenal warehouse-no issues. At first inspection I was impressed with the quality of the welds and build. I had it powder coated at a local shop. Installation was a snap with a second person to help lift it in place -bolted right up using the hardware from the old bumper. Re-installed the original license plate lights and trailer plug and was in business. Total job took a little over an hour. This bumper is awesome...

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    HC w/ Swingout

    Posted by Mike on Nov 4th 2018

    Ordered this bumper two weeks before someone merged into me and ripped my rear bumper halfway off. So timing was pretty perfect and the fact that his insurance covered my purchase was great! Ordered the high clearance with single swingout, dual jerry can holder, fold down table and light cutouts. Going back now, I prpobably should’ve ordered a dual swingout to balance the weight instead of it all on one hinge point (that being said, I’ve had zero issues with it). Probably also could’ve forgone the lights. Other than those two things that I would’ve done differently the bumper is fantastic! Bumper came on a pallet wrapped very nicely. I had planned to have help with the install but when it came down to it I ended up doing it myself. Huge PITA! Ended up jacking the whole pallet up under my truck and then muscling it into the final position. Definitely a two person job unless you enjoy pain. Great product!

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    SOS Dual Gate Bumper

    Posted by James Hays on Oct 29th 2018

    I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. Eddy was extremely easy to work with and answered all of my questions quickly. I ordered the standard rear bumper with dual gates. The order was completed very quickly (quicker than I had planned) and I managed to arrange a trip to pick it up. On that day Eddy was in the shop and the bumper was ready and waiting. Pick up went way quicker and smoother than I thought it would. I've worked with some custom shops before that were nightmares. This was like walking into a friends shop, smiles, handshakes, easy small talk. Eddy walked me through the install process quickly but with all the pertinent details covered. Once home, the bumper install took about four hours total but was pretty easy. This thing slides right into place of the stock bumper so easy that you won't need your butter bot to pass the butter. The gates installed easy as well and adjustment of the latches is straightforward. The whole unit is stout, well built and well designed. I'd buy this again if I ever need another bumper, but this'll probably last longer than the truck. I'm Pickle Rick!